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OK Mall selling on eBay & Amazon

To sell your goods on eBay or Amazon, you can do this directly via our OK Mall account.

You benefit from our advantages and experience and can concentrate fully on selling your products.


The advantages that result from a multi-channel strategy are extensive. Through multi-track sales, for example in their own online shop and on various marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, real, etc.), retailers reach different target groups.


Furthermore, the dealers benefit from the brand awareness of the different marketplaces. You not only get a greater reach through search engine optimized websites, but you also enjoy a strong bond of trust with your customers.



Our in-house IT department is at your side with advice and help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Various interfaces in all relevant merchandise management systems are already available.


eBay brand shop

Another way to sell your goods on eBay is the “eBay brand shop”. An attractive platform for the sale of pre-season goods, inventory surpluses and the latest new products.

We support you so that you can present yourself completely in your own brand field and at the same time benefit from the high reach of around 17 million visitors per month.

B-goods / secondary goods

We support you in the sale of your products that are not part of the normal distribution and are offered at a special price, but are new or as good as new and fully functional.

A clear and transparent labelling and description of the condition of the goods inspires confidence for the end customer, e.g. the fact whether it is a demonstration device, a return or tested used goods.

Through our preparation of the goods, classification, a faulty identification or completion of the full product, these articles can be sold again economically as B-goods.

Supply chain management

In addition to the design, we also offer you the purchase of printing components in a wide variety of packaging, display and cardboard variants.

Our experienced employees from purchasing look forward to your inquiry.

OK Logistics Fulfillment

We use our 30,000 m² as storage and handling area and ensure that the products are properly stored. We currently have a storage capacity of 18,000 euro pallet spaces.

Our knowledgeable staff ensures that your right product is delivered to the right place at the right time. Optimized shipping processes enable up to 8,000 parcels to be sent per day.

For more information on our warehousing, picking and packing services, please visit our fullfilment page.

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