We work for many well-known companies and brands both in the fields of commerce, the service industry as well as manufacturing

Nevertheless, we also work with start-ups and smaller companies – to grow our business together – our offers and services can be adjusted to your needs and levels of service be it IT-connectivity or size of storage area.

The products being stored, packed or upgraded at our warehouse can be found in all types of shops, online, at chemists or discount outlets. Chances are you have bought or have held a product we have packaged and shipped in your hands.

We will be happy to give you references of our existing clients when meeting with you personally and analysing your specific needs so that we can put together an individual offer that suits you best.

We believe in creating partnerships. Most of our clients have been with OK Logistics for a long time. We believe reliability and flexibility can both be achieved in tandem.

Overview of our services:




Contract Logistics

Value Added Service

Supply Chain Management (SCM)