Reliable since 1948
OK Logistics GmbH & Co KG is an owner-led business which was formed as part of the OK Media Group (formerly Teldec, Warner) and due to increased demand and continued success, an independent company was formed.
Since being a service provider for packing and storage for CD/DVD production, OK Logistics has established itself on the market and is working with all types of companies with regards fulfilment and contract logistics.
At the moment we have more than 25.000m² of storage and fulfilment area available with space for up to 18.000 euro pallets.
Our staff can provide a very varied range of services: handpacking, serialisation, pick and pack service, reworking existing products, distribution as well as administrative tasks even up do taking over dunning procedures.

Takeover of the LEGO distribution centre in Hohenwestedt and integration of OK Logistics as new head office with added space and options for further expansion.

Parts of the OK Logistics GmbH & Co KG based in Neumünster move to the OK Media Group in Nortorf (Schleswig-Holstein) due to need of extra storage space. Several, secure floors of storage space there ensure expansion is possible for increased demand.

OK Logistics moved in February 2008 to double up the capacity with more than 10.000 Euro pallet spaces. Employees can hand pack, serialise, fill display, do pick and pack and rework in the new premises.

In June 2007, the OK Media Group and OK Logistics open a sales and customer service office in Hamburg. Six key account managers offer services for different types of products including logistical support: games and edutainment, audiobooks, video/dvd, CDs and more. Our daily production capacity of 350.000 CDs/DVDs and varied logistical services are also offered to breweries, insurance and consumer electronic companies, mail order companies among others..

Creation of a new logistics and handpacking centre in Neumünster/Schleswig-Holstein and founding of OK Logistics GmbH & Co. KG with 4000 Euro pallets storage space
OK Media manufactures up to 300.000 CDs and DVDs daily. In addition, we also source all printed material and pack and store the daily production.

Creation of a Scandinavian sales office (Kolding, Denmark). OK Media offers duplication of flashcards and other mobile data storage systems with adherence to ISO guidelines.

Creation of Lighthouse Home Entertainment GmbH & Co KG. The company is quick to become an industry named to the bestselling title „Augsburger Puppenkiste“.

DVD takes over from production of video tapes. OK Media enters the DVD market with modern production machines. Creation of sales office in Paris.
A second production facility, OK-Medien Service in Boizenburg/Elbe and a sales office in London, OK Media Ltd. is created
Independence from the Time-Warner-Group by creating OK Media Disc Service GmbH and Co. KG.
Fusion of Teldec and Record Service under Time Warner.
The digital age has arrived. The era of vinyl makes way for the CD.
Teldec starts production of music cassette tapes in1967 with self-built duplication machines. Laster on with more sophisticated digital mastering and high speed duplication machines. Up to 180.000 can be manufactured per day. Takeover of warehousing and distribution facilities.
Fusion of Telefunken and Decca to create the “Teldec Schallplatten GmbH“. At the beginning the first vinyl are manufactured on leather presses, later on modern toolex presses. Highest volumes are 250.000 LPs per day being pressed and labelled and packed.
Creation of the Telefunken GmbH and start of vinyl production.