The OK Media Group, one of the biggest, independent and established fulfilment service providers in Europe, has for many years made environmental concerns a priority. Especially in the areas of fulfilment and logistics we see it as our obligation to create business procedures which looked to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. We are a fulfilment service provider which is efficient, ecological with a focus on quality and have been since 1948.
What does this mean on a day to day basis?

Our electricity provider uses a high percentage of wind energy
We are currently planning to install solar panels on our buildings in Hohenwestedt and Boizenburg
our environmental officers are creating energy and CO2 reports to optimise processes
All our packaging and left over materials are being recycled whether it be cardboard or foil, all rubbish is sorted and sent for appropriate recycling
Distances between our facilities are short and efficient, our company vehicles use biofuels
Full vehicle management ensures lower costs and reduce environmental impact.
We train our employees in recycling and resource management, because everyone can and should be involved in protecting the environment.

By maintaining a high quality standard, we ensure environmentally friendly storage and packaging as well as dispatch procedures. We strive to ensure our quality and environmental concerns are met both for our and our customer’s peace of mind.
We see protection of the environment as an important daily part of our business and as a common responsibility.